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Hi everyone!

Unfortunately, my deviantart isn't as active as it used to be, and it's much easier for me to interact with everyone via facebook. However, I'll still post all of my works here to deviantart, as I find it's great to keep everything here in one place (and it's rather nostalgic xD). I'll still reply to any messages that get sent by here, but WIP shots and daily adventures will all be on facebook c:

Facebook Cosplay Page //…
Facebook Art Page //…


- Jeremy
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Finished my manga! 8D

Tue Dec 17, 2013, 8:24 AM

After some long months of drawing and figuring out how to use new software, i've finally finished the first chapter of a manga collaboration i'm doing with my good friend Darren!

It would really mean a lot to me if you'd give it a quick read, as the more views we get, the greater chance we'll have of eventually getting paid and published.

The link to reading the chapter online can be found on my page here:…


I've got a little bit of a break until the script for the second chapter is ready, so expect to see a few more cosplay shots heading towards the new year ;D!

- Jeremy

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Hello Everyone!

Firstly, a huge thank you to all of my new watchers over the past few weeks and months. I hope you'll enjoy my work ^^!
I've been a bit inactive on dA in recent months, BUT! I will have things to show you all soon! Read on :D!

:bulletred: Stuff to Upload :bulletred:
I recently thought about all of the costumes i've done, but have never really shown properly here on dA D:! So i've decided that i'll be uploading some of my never-before-seen costumes on dA, here on dA 8D! I'd like to keep a record of all of my costumes in one place, though I haven't quite gotten around to taking proper photos of them all yet :c. So i'll be uploading some shots of my costumes from around conventions i've been to in the past. It'll be a bit of a trip down memory lane, and the pictures won't be artwork-quality, but I hope you'll all enjoy my work nonetheless until I get a chance in future to get some photoshoots done c:.

:bulletblue: I'm writing a manga!!?!?! :bulletblue:
"Why you no make lots of costumes anymore Jeremy??"
"What have you been doing these past few months, working??"
I've actually been writing a manga with a friend these past few months 8D! He lays out the story, i'm drawing like crazy c8!
I've been actively pursuing my passion, hoping to make a career out of it, and have been just, drawing! It's been an interesting few months working on it, picking up the pencil for the first time in a while, finally making the decision to pursue something i've really enjoyed before, learning a new program, and taking the initiative to cut down on the number of costumes i've been making.

I will have something to show you all soon, so I hope you'll keep an eye out for it ><!

Til then,  follow my almost-as-frequent updates on facebook…

Catch you all again soon c:!

- Jeremy

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Hello everyone!

Firstly, a big thanks to the new watchers now following my page, I hope you'll enjoy my work ^^!
It's been a few months since my last update, I seem to have gotten a bit slack with updating ^^". Though I actually have quite a bit of stuff to upload and talk about in this journal, so I hope you have a good read (with lots of pictures 8D!!)
:bulletred: Gold Coast Supanova :bulletred:
My convention season this year kicked off with Supanova last weekend down at the Gold Coast. I shared a hotel room with all of these lovely fellows c: --> :iconandiandi-chan::iconprincessunicorn-sama::iconxxpuffy::iconshakashakashama:
The only disadvantage with our hotel was that it lacked internet to play gamus and go on social networking websites 8'C

Taking a break from cosplay competitions for a while, it was lovely to just walk around the whole weekend not having to prepare for or psyche myself up for any upcoming performances or judgments on stage.

Spent the day walking around with xxpuffy with a porcupine on my head.

It was lovely seeing so many YGO fans about that day, from the hardcore YGO gamers, to the parents, other YGO cosplayers and even young children who were very fond of card games c:.
Funny parts of the day:
- "do you have yugi's actual deck in there? did you want to duel?"
==> I just had a Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl cards and a starter deck Kaiba I found lying around the house. Good enough xD.
- "OMG your cards don't have sleeves WTF you doing??"
==> I'm so pro at card games I even kept my cards in a shoebox instead of folders 8D

Spent the say walking around with xxpuffy as fairies 8D!

Another great day seeing so many fans of SAO around! There were heaps of other SAO cosplayers around on the day before, but there weren't as many on Sunday :c. Had a great shoot with :iconfirehartz: in the afternoon, got some lovely shots (will upload soon!), played rock band on stage and won a copy of the game (which we gave away cause no wii lol), and had a lovely korean dinner which was 50m walk from our hotel door lol xD.

And some hotel shots once we got back home c:

It was a lovely convention weekend, had lots of fun c:
The next convention for me is SMASH! in Sydney in August, i'll come up with a good costume idea soon xD.

:bulletblue: mangalphantom Facebook page :bulletblue:
After the weekend and lack of frequent updates, I decided to make a facebook page to share some of my stuff :D! If you have a facebook, please feel free to check out my page and follow my work if you're interested c:.

mangalphantom on facebook

These dA journals take a good hour or so to write up, so I figure i'd be more motivated to update my progress with short posts on facebook xD. I'll also be making a bunch of selling posts, prize giveaways every now and then, and be much more frequent in replying to posts, so add us there to check out more of my work or even just have a chat c:.

:bulletgreen: Cosplay Suggestions :bulletgreen:
Believe it or not, i'm starting to run out of ideas of costumes that catch my attention to cosplay =o. I've nearly exhausted my childhood animu list, and I haven't really been playing all too many new games or watching anime lately. If there are any cosplay costumes you think you'd like to see me do, please feel free to suggest it here! 8D
Now that one set of convention costumes are done and dusted, i've just been doing a massive tidy up of my room and around the house lately X_X"! I'm finally able to sit down and get drawing again :D! Anyway, hope to catch up with everyone again soon, i've been holed up at home a lot lately ><"! Until next time, ciao!

- Jeremy

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Happy New Year everyone! Happy CNY too xD!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas, new years, and any other holiday celebrations that have occurred since last time :D!
I've unfortunately been a bit boring in the last few months in regards to costumes, so i've been a little inactive ^^". But a big thank you to all of my new watchers who've decided to +watch my page while i've been away, i'll fill up your inbox now >:D! Anyway, here is a super-exciting journal as a precursor to this year yeah ^o^!
:bulletred: Me :bulletred:
I graduated from university at the end of November last year, with a Bachelor of Business Management and a Bachelor of Arts (Chinese).
5 years of university. So much has happened, and the student life is over for now.

So now I have a piece of paper, I can look for an office job if I feel like it now, hahah xD. This year however, i'm going to have a serious go at writing music, and drawing a story (manguuu). These are some of those things i've always dreamed about doing, but my grades have always been a bigger priority. Now I have time to give it a shot.

Of course, if I fall flat on my face, the worst I can do is find an office job and get a home loan lol xD.
I've ignored them before, but i'm giving these dreams a fair chance now.

:bulletblue: Cosplay :bulletblue:
We were notified today, that Animania in Brisbane, which is usually held annually in March/April and October, will be completely cancelled until further notice. While not the most amazing convention on the planet, it is an event I quite looked forward to each year, and it seems a shame to see it go. This means though, that the next event to appear on my calendar, is Gold Coast Supanova in April!

I'll be taking a break from any competitions for a little while, and will just be making costumes for fun c:. Even still, i'm still really excited to see some plan come into fruition!

Yugioh - Yami Yugi

Along with xxpuffy and mrkittycosplay as Dark Magician Girl and Dark Magician respectively, we'll have a lovely magical group appearing on Saturday yeah >:D!

With the absence of Animania, xxpuffy and I have had to  shift around some plans. It depends on whatever we get finished xD.
Mirai Nikki - Yuki/Yuno

Sword Art Online (ALO arc) - Kirito/Asuna

:bulletgreen: Backlog + upcoming shoots :bulletgreen:
It's not much of a backlog for me, but my gallery is missing quite a few good shots from shoots I did with friends around the place xD. Most will be reuploads from their galleries, but i'm attempting to post "the hidden projects". Sounds exciting, but they're just old costumes I haven't posted any pictures of, hahaha xD. So expect to see a bunch of new uploads in my gallery over the next few days of stuff you've probably already seen somewhere else xD.

There's a few shoots to look forward to.
- Infinite Stratos beach (woohoo 8D! i'll probably be a speck in the background for most of this though lol xD)
- Mirai Nikki lovey dovey stabbity stab
- Code Geass regal grand classy gown velvet thingy (it's been too hot to shoot this in summer, we just delayed this til winter ^^")
- Toradora face poking drop kick my head (not sure if this even counts as a costume, but it'll be fun anyway xD)
- Whatever I dig out of my closet to shoot (look forward to surprises!)
Looking to be a big year ahead with everything. Hope to hear what everyone else has planned for this year too!
Lets all do our best yosh! 8D

- Jeremy

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Journal Entry: Wed Oct 17, 2012, 1:48 AM
Christmas journal skin, might as well keep it for a couple of months xD.

:bulletred: Madman shindizzle :bulletred:
Wow, only 24 days to go!
I haven't really looked at the exact number of days we have left to finish out madman set, but I took a quick look at the calendar today xD.

Completion Progress (for myself):
- costume: 20%
- personal props: 80%
- skit: 95%
- stage props: 0% OTL"

Good news is, everything we need is now at least in the country, so we don't have to wait on any overseas deliveries anymore ^^".

The only thing I can show for now is my hippo I finished last week :D!

:bulletblue: Other stuff :bulletblue:
Definitely gonna get around to clearing a backlog of shoots when holidays roll around, not travelling anywhere this year unfortunately, but I can catch up on stuff ^^". Only photo to show is my staff I finished about a month ago now xD. Really looking forward to wearing this costume!

Not long to go now, this'll probably be the last journal I write until after the competition in November. Can't wait to meet and catch up with many new and familiar faces there! Miley and I are reallllllllly looking forward to showing off our stuff on stage, hope you guys will enjoy it!

Good luck to everyone else still sewing for the event, and good luck with final exams 8'D!!! Don't have an exam on the same day as madman this year, thankfully, hahahha x'D.

- Jeremy

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Derp derp, August already?? @_@

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 30, 2012, 5:50 AM

Wow, how the year flies by @_@!
As you've all probably noticed, i've kind of taken my foot of the burner for cosplay progress this year, i've only made a few costumes here and there.

:bulletred:Uni + Life + Thinking :bulletred:
From derping around too much last semester, I failed one unit ^^", so i'm stuck at uni one more semester doing just one subject. Which means I do have a lot more time on my hands. Cosplay stuff! Play music! Draw stuff!
I've kinda just been trying to figure out what I want to do once I actually graduate ^^". Work straight away? Eww. Travel a bit? Perhaps. Take a shot at music and ditch the office job? Hmmm. My parents are supportive of whatever I wanna do, so there's a big heap of support there ^_^.

I think I have lost some motivation for the hobby. The creative mind is still there, figuring out how to make a costume by looking at a picture, but I somewhat almost dread the start of the costume construction itself.
That being said, I still go "I really want to make this costume!" and "I really want to enter this competition!" and "I really want to shoot this costume here!".
I'll stick around a bit longer, conventions are still fun ^_^.

:bulletblue: SMASH :bulletblue:
SMASH was about a month ago, late update, haha ^^". I stayed with a good buddy of mine in a cheap hotel, and we spent the time seeing Sydney things, eating curry, playing games, getting lost and spending money ='D. This recaps my trip:

Me on a cake:

Usual routine with panda:

How to fuse:

:bulletgreen: Upcoming Projects :bulletgreen:
Two new costumes for the rest of the year, the first being Lelouch (again, lol) and C.C. (corn chips) in the lovely artbook version with :iconhiyuki:. Hope we can shoot this before the weather gets too hot ^^":

Staff in progress (dowel + torch + solar light cover + sticky tape 8D):

And the second costume along with :iconmileyx: is our Madman set.
We'll be doing the characters Fukki and Jyoka from a classic series, Houshin Engi.

I've just done clown shoes so far, still waiting on the rest of the materials to be delievered ^^".

We've got a really exciting show planned, really looking forward to it =D!
That's about it for this update, i'll try keep updates regular, just realised I haven't posted in a while ^^". Til next time, ciao!

- Jeremy

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Journal Entry: Wed Jul 11, 2012, 5:28 AM

I say, old chap, wotcha this week?
Something quite SMASHing really.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!
Please come say hi if you spot me ~
Wonderland!Lelouch from the Code Geass OVA, Nunally in Wonderland!
We'll drink tea, trade cards, and have a jolly good time!

What's everyone wearing? Let me know so I can spot you! 8D

- Jeremy

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What happens in May ~

Journal Entry: Thu May 24, 2012, 3:39 AM

It's been a lazy month of doing nothing since Supanova, but its been good trying to catch up with uni assessment x'D. One more assignment to go! Then a few exams! Then I graduate, woo 8D! What to do afterwards? No idea ^^". It's been a dilemma for a while now, but i'll figure it out soon hopefully enough ~
:bulletblue: Shoot outtakes :bulletblue:
Managed to shoot both Chrome Shelled Regios and our Madman KHR costumes in the last month. Haven't done a big shoot in a while, so it was good fun xD.

Ways to use lights:

Ways to use a mask:

How to be a pimp x3:

:bulletred: Madman Progress :bulletred:
So here's part 1 of Madman progress. Can anyone guess what we're doing yet? xD
(anyone who does know, don't spoil it yet x3 ~)

:bulletyellow: SMASH :bulletyellow:
Atm, i'm only confirmed for visiting SMASH this year as an interstate con. Main Animania is still in the air atm =\. Plans for SMASH is Wonderland!Lelouch from the Code Geass OVA Nunally in Wonderland =D! Pretty keen to start on costumes as soon as uni break kicks in X_X"!

Anyone else heading in to SMASH this year? What're your plans? 8D
So i'm still entranced with LoL at this stage, so damn addictive 8|. Love to do cosplays from it one day though, costumes are awesome O_O. Anyway, more backlog updates to come xD, talk to you all again soon ~ !

- Jeremy

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Supanova Picture Journal 8D

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 29, 2012, 4:23 AM

Hi again everyone!

Bleh, i'm starting to get lazy with making journals and updating and stuff xD. But here's a hot cup of tea, so i'm motivated to make one woo 8D!
:bulletblue: Gold Coast Supanova :bulletblue:
Last weekend was the first Supanova held at the Gold Coast. It's the first time i've been to the Gold Coast convention centre, and i'm glad to say it's a nice place to hold the convention, despite the distance from Brisbane (Thanks so much Miley for putting us up for the weekend <3) ~ Anyway, was great seeing new and familiar faces all weekend, I had a wonderful time.

:bulletred: Saturday :bulletred:
The Saturday of Supanova was the Gold Coast round of the MNCC in which :iconmileyx: and myself entered. We cosplayed trading card versions of Mukuro and Chrome, and i'm glad to say we were awarded first place 8D!

Caitlyn and Daya :icongraphic-pulse: :icondaymienstryder: took out second place 8D! Fingers crossed for wildcard guys 8DD!!!

And Chopperman took out third place 8D! So fluffy =w= ~ (no close ups ;;A;;)

Big shoutout to Hayley and Mel who performed a really entertaining skit, loved it ^^ ~ !!

Huge thanks to :iconpwentoran::iconlolainprogress::icone3studios: for their help, and everyone who supported us ~ love you guys <3.

The rest of the day was just derping about taking silly pictures and hanging with friends =3.

:bulletgreen: Sunday :bulletgreen:
With the competition pressures out of the way, Sunday was very relaxed =3. Did a whole lot of nothing x3.
Morning photos with Dalfe

Doing dumb stuff

Playing band hero

And hanging with Maefan <3.

That's about all there is to report for now, shoots and stuff can finally happen now costumes are out of the way for now X_X". Hope you all had fun at GCnova too 8D!
Until next time ~

- Jeremy

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I miss hot glue ='(

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 10, 2012, 12:39 AM

Hello ~~~~

So sewing season has started again, and i'm hardly doing anything of the sort, haha ^^". I've been keeping busy avoiding classes, and playing League of Legends (There goes life OTL"). Though a few events have happened in the past month and a bit, so there's a bit to show this time ~
:bulletblue: 21st Party :bulletblue:
So I had my 21st party last month with a bunch of good friends, and it was amazing fun 8D! As it goes, good food, cake and stuff, photo slideshows, and the rest of it went a bit hazy from there >>"... BUT! I remembered to leave a guestbook for everyone to sign ~ it was a good read the next morning x'D.

Thanks everyone! Had a great time 8D!

:bulletred: Animania Brisbane :bulletred:
Animania happened about a month ago now, seems like a long time X_X". Everyone's already done a journal on this already, so not much else to report, haha x'D. Wore Alucard to the convention, picked up Master Armourer, Master Sewist and Master Costumer, woo 8D! Haha, they're small things, but the badges are real incentives to try make all lots of good stuff xD.

:bulletyellow: Gold Coast Nova :bulletnova:
Gold Coast nova is now less than two weeks away! Myself and Miley are chugging away at the last bits of our costumes, and we're pretty excited to perform our skit ~ the Melbourne round is this weekend though, so we're keen to see how it turns out 8D. Enjoy progress pics:
My expensive potato sack (don't look too close >>"...)

Miley's gorgeous dress *w*

Friday - TBA
Saturday - Mukuro Rokudo (KHR)
Sunday - Layfon Alseif (Chrome Shelled Regios)
Haven't been very active lately, guess I haven't had much to post is all =S. Got a backlog of shoots to get through, should be able to get through them nova. Good luck to all Madman contestants in the upcoming rounds, and i'll see everyone at GC nova in a couple of weeks =D!

- Jeremy

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Hot glue season commences!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 1, 2012, 6:45 AM

Hi again everyone!

Uni has started again this week, and it actually feels good having stuff to do and places to go, oddly enough O-o". Though it's only the first week, i've already missed a few classes, haha ^^". Despite the amount of time i've had on my hands, I haven't gotten much done this month in terms of cosplay. There's a few upcoming events to prepare for though, so that's bound to change.
:bulletblue: GoMA Cosplay Event :bulletblue:
Despite the hot weather and possible flood dangers on the day, the Cosplay event at GoMA last month turned out to be heaps of fun 8D! Great location, great host, really good organisation, really hope there'll be another event like it next year!

   [Pulled another all-nighter to finish my costume OTL"]

:bulletred: Raid of the Sunflower Fields :bulletred:
:icone3studios: heard a rumour about legendary golden fields, so along with :iconandiandi-chan:, we road tripped several hours into the countryside in an attempt to find these fields. After stopping at the local inn, we eventually found the field 8D!
Greeted by cows who just stared at us O_O".

Only to find the sunflowers kinda died D8 (should've gone when it was actually sunny lol).

But we herped and derped, found the fields and had a fun day =D.

Had better be better prepared next time we go x'D!

:bulletgreen: Brisbane Animania :bulletgreen:
Just realised this is only a few weeks away xD. Still needs a few repairs, but i'll be parading Alucard around on the day =D.

If I scare you, just throw garlic at me D8.

:bulletyellow: Gold Coast Nova :bulletnova:
As i've mentioned in previous journals, myself and :iconmileyx: will be entering the Gold Coast round of the MNCC! We'll be cosplaying some artbook versions of Chrome and Mukuro from KHR:

Miley's costume is really coming along nicely so far, I only feel like i'm wearing a really expensive potato sack OTL".
We've got some cool stuff planned for our performance, I just have to stop lazing around and get some work done x'D. Really excited, should be heaps fun 8D!
Progress pics to come soon!
Uni assignments will be commencing soon, a few parties are just around the corner, How to Train Your Dragon stage production 8D, should be a fun-filled month! Hope to see heaps of new and familiar faces at Animania next week ^^!
Until the next entry, hope everyone had a fabulous February, catch you all again soon!

- Jeremy

PS - need a team name for Madman. Suggestions??? D8
PSS - need a fun costume theme for a party. Suggestions??? D8

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Star Driver derp vol.1 + GoMA

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 21, 2012, 5:09 AM

Hi again everyone!
Phew, even during uni holidays you can get really busy x'D. I spent about a month overseas in December, had a heap of fun and spent way too much 8'D. However, i've spent the last 2-3 weeks recovering from a few illnesses I came back with (haven't played so many games/watched movies for such a long time O_O""). Anyway, recently got some photos back from some recent shoots i've done, hope you enjoy this journal post (image heavy journal ahead)!
:bulletred: Star Driver derp derp :bulletred:
So once upon a day, Takuto was chilling, reading books and drinking Ribena squeezies. Little did he know, he was being stalked by a vicious pink fluffhead.

There was camouflage involved, but it was only a matter of time before she was discovered.

Thankfully, she was just a harmless girl who was bored. Takuto decided to entertain her for an afternoon, so they hired out some bicycles.

Due to his physical prowess, Takuto was quite adept at riding bicycles. Due to her excessive level of airheaded-ness, Mizuno had a bit of trouble. Takuto lent a hand in helping her, with tragic results.

After a few attempts, they took a quick break. Soon after, they spotted a beach.

Mizuno decided to derp around a bit. Unfortunately, derping is contagious, and Takuto soon joined in.

They then did some camwhoring, and watched the sun set.

Takuto then sped away on the bicycle and left Mizuno derping on the beach before she asked him to buy her anything else.

:bulletgreen: GoMA Cosplay Event
The GoMA cosplay event in Brisbane is happening this Thursday, January 26! Although pre-registration for the competition has already closed, it'd be great to see heaps of people come out to support the event! Mr Robertson is hosting the event, if it's any added incentive 8D!
It runs from 10am-2pm on Australia Day, further details can be found here:…

I've just recently recovered, so I started my costume only a couple of days ago x'D. I'll be cosplaying Layfon Alseif from Chrome Shelled Regios:

Come along say hi if you catch me there! Coscard trades 8D!

Good luck to everyone entering the competition, can't wait to see you all there!
My last half year of uni this year, my 5th year now (time flies O_O"). Time to enter the workforce? Do a bit more travelling? Study more? Still have to figure out what I want to do, play it safe and just work; take a few risks and spend a few months writing music/books; backpacking?? Might as well do everything while i'm young I guess xD.

- Jeremy

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GoMA Cosplay Event

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 4, 2012, 5:44 PM

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great new year's celebration!
Just a short entry this time around.
:bulletred: GoMA Cosplay Competition :bulletred:
As you've probably seen from facebook or other deviantart journal posts, Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art at Southbank will be holding it's first ever cosplay competition =D.
Cosplay being immersed into society - what?

The competition will be held on the 26th of January, this year's Australia Day, is open to people of all ages and is free entry 8D! Entries for the competition close on the 20th of January, so be sure to submit your entry before then!
Detailed information can be found at the art gallery's website here:…

It's looking to be a great day, hope to see you all there ^^!
That's about it for this round, actually. I really should learn to carry a camera on my travels OTL". Hope everyone is having a great holiday ~
- Jeremy

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A Day in December

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 5, 2011, 1:05 AM

Phew! Long month, though it doesn't really feel like i've done a lot xD.
I'm leaving for a month holiday overseas to Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore later tonight, so one last journal entry for the year! :D
:bulletred: Uni exams :bulletred:
Despite the hustle and bustle of exams in the middle of Madman last month, I managed to pass everything :dummy:! Funnily enough, I did better on the exam I had the day of Madman than the exam I had a week to prepare for afterwards x'D.

:bulletgreen: GoMA Cosplay Event :bulletgreen:
I briefly mentioned in my last entry that GoMA was planning some cosplay lala soon. As it happens, the gallery is holding a comics movie exhibition early next year, as well as a cosplay competition on Australia Day 8D! Details and entry guidelines will be finalised next week sometime, so keep an eye out on the website:…

:bulletblue: Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore :bulletblue:
My month-long trip around SE Asia starts tomorrow morning at 2:45am, graveyard flight OTL". Ah well, fun times ahoy xD!
:tmnt1: First stop is Taiwan, about a week with :iconpi-kyu::iconzuzumoo::iconshinomatrix: will be spent shopping, eating, touring, eating, sightseeing, eating, drinking tea, road trips, eating and eating 8D.
:tmnt2: Heading to Malaysia after that for Comic Fiesta! It'll be my first convention out of Australia, so i'm quite excited to see what its like =D. Glitterpants!Takuto will have one final run there, so come along say hi if you're there! Coscard trades 8D!
:tmnt3: The last leg of the trip over christmas and new years will be spent in wondrous land of Singapore, where noodles are amazing 8D. Looking forward to it!

:bulletyellow: Cosplay herp:bulletyellow:
It's been a busy/eventful month for many people, so I haven't been able to get any shoots done x'D. I can see how backlogged everyone gets with shoots now ^^". Next year >8D!!

The first project for next year will be in the Madman competition again (goodbye wallet lol). I'll be entering the Gold Coast round this time with :iconmileyx:, plotting something from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! I'm quite excited with our preparation plans so far, looking forward to it 8D!!

:bulletpurple: Shark derp :bulletpurple:
I usually have a journal slandered with pictures, but it's been nothing but text this time around OTL". There'll be plenty of pictures next month once i'm back from my trip! Til then, here's a bunch of sharks I found 8D.

It's been such an eventful year. Met people only ever seen in pictures, finding everyone is human, felt a pinnacle of happiness, had experiences of utmost *baww*, climbed up with shoulders to lean on. Learned people, learned life, learned me. Still a month in the year to go though, lets see what else I can find out xD.

Thanks for the support this year guys, talk to you all again soon 8D!!
- Jeremy

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Madman + Frosty Fruit season 8D!

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 8, 2011, 11:04 PM

Phew, what a long week O_O"! Madman is over, i'm still mauling these law notes, and my house still needs cleaning xD. Warm weather is coming too, which means Frosty Fruits from the convenience store again :dummy:!
:bulletred: Madman deng deng :bulletred:
From my previous journal rants, you'd probably know the Madman nationals competition was held in Brisbane last week! Firstly, congratulations to all of the contestants for such amazing performances, especially to this years winners 8D!
Video of the contest can be found here:…

:iconrallamajoop::iconrisachantag: Lisa and Kathy - Okami (1st place)

:iconlevel4chaos: Mel - Sengoku Basara (2nd place)

:icontorment-lies-within: Annee - (3rd place)

:iconwakaleo: Kenny - Judge Gabranth

Olli - Kuragehime

:iconyiji: Georgia - GrimGrimoire

:icondreades::iconmangalphantom: Matt and I - Castlevania Judgment

Still to do proper shoots for the costumes, so more detail about the costume/prop construction will be explained there xD.
:tmnt1: Cheers to Mel, Jem, Luke, Laura, Sean, Skye, Jill, Bryan, Cait for construction tips and tricks, transportation and last minute preparation. A very big thank you to you all.
:tmnt2: Mega thanks to Minh-yo, Miley-bro and Hiyu-lah for absolutely everything. The amount of help and support you guys have given over the past few months has been absolutely phenomenal, I can't thank you guys enough for your efforts ><"!
:tmnt3: And a final big shout out to everyone who cheered and screamed (in terror at my angry eyebrows) and barracked for us on the weekend. Cheers of support bring the most invigorating feelings on stage, much love to you all <3.

:tmnt4: It's been such an experience just being in this competition X_X". Such an eventful year. Future plans for everything are still up in the air, nothing is really set to go just yet. Have a few months off uni after exams, and a nice holiday to look forward to, so hopefully I can figure out a few things in that time ^^.
:bulletblue: Plans to go! :bulletblue:
I'll be taking a few months off from doing any costume making, but plans for next year will probably start in January. In the meantime, several shoots to look forward to before my overseas trip 8D.
- Star Driver - Sparkle!Takuto, with Sarapungs-tokusatsu as crotchglitter!Sugata
- Shoukoku no Altair - Mahmut
- Castlevania Judgment - Alucard

Tentative plans for next year:
- Sothe (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn)
- Yami Yugi (Yugioh!)
- Dean Stark (Wild Arms 5)
- Kisuke (Muramasa: The Demon Blade)
- Oswald (Odin Sphere)
- Layfon Alseif (Chrome Shelled Regios)
:bulletgreen: Exhibitions :bulletgreen:
There's a cosplay photography exhibition happening at the Sydney Powerhouse Museum in December sometime, and I've been fortunate enough to have three pictures selected to be displayed there 8D!
Code Geass - In Your World by mangalphantom Kuroshitsuji - Lau and Ranmao -01- by mangalphantom Code Geass - Zero Sanctuary by mangalphantom
There's also an awesome Harry Potter exhibit happening at the same time, so check them both out if you get the chance xD.

GoMA also has a Graphic Novel and Comic display exhibition coming up soon:… , and i've received an invitation to help out with something cosplay happening there soon (lol?). Not sure what's actually happening there, but i'm keen to find out what they'll be planning.
:bulletyellow: Other stuff :bulletyellow:
:tmnt1: Uni - two exams to go O_O! Then my uni club's boat cruise party the same night after my last exam! Woohoo :dummy:!
:tmnt2: Overseas trip - Will be heading to Taiwan, Malaysia (also Comic Fiesta 8D) and Singapore from start of December! Excitedddddd!! (What to wear to CF?? D8)
:tmnt3: Coscards - ordered some cards for the trip lol xD. Trades, anyone? 8D
:tmnt4: Sales! - I'll be looking to sell some costume/old merch soon to help clear out the clutter in my room a bit. Watch this space =D!
Can't wait for holidays, a few days of doing absolutely nothing would be bliss right now. Though it feels a bit odd coming home and not having a costume to work on nagging at the back of my mind x'D. Anyway, was great seeing people again on the weekend, hope to catch up with everyone again soon!

- Jeremy

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The Final Countdown ~ 10 days left!

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 26, 2011, 2:17 AM

Perhaps getting a bit overzealous, but assignments are hard to do with this thingy nagging at the back of my mind x'D.
:tmnt1: Madman lalala :tmnt2:
With one assignment down and one more due tomorrow (starting it tonight OTL"), only 10 days left until competition day! Well, more like 8 days left for us, we have to get everything done by Thursday next week for rehearsals ^^".

Current progress: (Matt's definitely ahead of me in his costume ><")
Coat - 90%
Cape - 60%
Pants - 90%
Armour - -ve80% (forgot to seal it, warm weather is starting to mess it up D'x)

Skit - 85%
Props - 0% (OTL"""""")

Gunning out EVERY prop in the next 4 days after tomorrow, everybody in town next week come give us a hand /shot 8'D.
Beer mug gauntlets 8D.

Clown shoes 8D.

Matthew on a dinner plate 8D.

I'm actually making automail >>"...

Tooth monster D8<.

When you don't own a manikin 8'D...

:tmnt4: Facts about stress :tmnt3:
Joely Fisher ~ More important, you have to stay happy and positive or the stress will kill you - but at least it will make you skinny ~
Author Unknown ~ Stress is the confusion created when one's mind overrides the body's basic desire to choke the living daylights out of some jerk who desperately deserves it ~
Good luck to everyone in their exam/costume prep!

- Jeremy

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30 days to go! Work, work, zug, zug.

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 5, 2011, 11:08 PM

A break at uni gives me time to finally update my small corner of the internet 8D.
:bulletgreen: Main Animania :bulletgreen:
Quick update, everyone's told you everything about it already xD.
WCS Team Australia 2012 - Congrats Will and Tsubaki :dummy:!
Saturday - Wore Rave!Takuto. Won best Make-up lololol Master Costumer 8D!

Favourite part of the day - Raving to utapuri dance skit 8D.

Sunday - Wore Shabody!Luffy. Was afraid I was gonna freeze, actually glad for the warm weather this time around ^^. Fun one piece crowd was fun :dummy:.

Favourite part of the day - Playing One Piece video game in cosplay xDD.

Great seeing people again, great meeting a new crowd 8D!

:bulletred: Brisbane Animania :bulletred:
Just remembered Brisbane Mini #2 is this Saturday xD. Not usually much to do except hang with fun people, but it's a good to get away from work and assignments for a day. Displaying a costume on a manikin again, always good fun struggling to put it on ^^".

Will be Turkish time with Mahmut and Iskandar again this weekend 8D. Come along and say hi if you're around 8D.

:bulletblue: Madman Nationals :bulletblue:
Only 30 Days to go til the big day! We're reallllllly looking forward to seeing what everyone else will be doing.
Progress with both me and Matt are going well, sooooooo excited to perform our skit for everyone, we'll be sure to make it fun 8D.
The biggest hurdle i'll be encountering though, is:


I've tried changing the exam time and all that, but to no avail OTL". So i'll be finishing my exam around 1:30ish and have to rush over (doing an exam in half cosplay OTL"), so I won't be around Saturday morning of the competition ^^". Hold down the fort Matt 8'D!

Til then, work, work, zug, zug.

:bulletyellow: Other stuff :bulletyellow:
:bulletpurple: Holiday - Going to Taiwan, Malaysia (and Comic Fiesta) and Singapore at the end of the year in December :dummy:! Hope to catch up with and meet some friendly new faces ^^!
On the last leg of the uni semester now. With some remaining assignments, stuff I actually have to start studying for early ^^", and a big costume project due soon, it's going to be a busy month ahead @_@".

Hope everyone is doing well, hope to catch lots of you around at Brisnova next month ^^!

- Jeremy

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Journal Entry: Tue Sep 6, 2011, 9:00 AM

A day in September at some ridiculous hour of the morning, a time where most of my work gets done the day before it's due xD. Also the time i'll update my journal because i'll never be bothered to do it during daylight hours x'D.
:bulletgreen: Manifest :bulletgreen:
First Manifest i've ever been to, and the first time i've been to Melbourne in quite a few years. Reasons to return to Melbourne:
- trams >> I'm never looking at buses the same ever again. ><"
- people >> The Melbournian cosplay crowd are just plain awesome 8D.
- convenience stores >> seriously, everything is open all the time =D.

As for the convention:
+ve >> open area, not crowded, relaxed atmosphere, nice weather, people ^^
-ve >> not a lot to do, volunteers/staff D'x,
Didn't have any mad rush for a competition or anything for the first time this year, so it was a refreshing experience just being able to bum around the whole day xD.

:tmnt1: Saturday
Fixed up/rewore Jing for Saturday. Lovely wind, great weather for capes xD. I actually couldn't dig up any facebook pictures to post here (shows how popular Jing is x'D), but new deviations should hopefully be up soon ^^".

:tmnt2: Sunday
Mahmut day 8D! Cosplay is funny, you only realise what's wrong with your costume the day you wear it and walk around xD. Bits kept slipping, chain snapped (lost my whistle ;;A;; ), and Iskandar put on weight D8.

Mahmut + :iconpi-kyu: + :iconmint-ice-tea:  = Desert Troupe??

Big thanks to everyone who accommodated us and shared in the festivities over the weekend, it was really good fun!!

:bulletred: Main Animania :bulletred:
Flying down for Main week O_O", for more fun times! Really excited to watch the WCS preliminary finals round, good luck to all the teams participating next weekend!! For me, just gonna be another chilled, recyclable weekend, not making anything newly amazing this time around x'D.

:tmnt3: Saturday - Star Driver - Takuto Tsunashi (with rave swords 8D).

Just realised i've only worn this costume to a convention once X_X", so I thought i'd dust it off and bring it to Main for more fabulous fun 8D. I'll be cosing by myself for this one, so any Star Driver peeps come and join meeeeee!

:tmnt4: Sunday - Luffy - One Piece (Sabaody Arc)
:iconmint-ice-tea:'s group, along with :iconamenokitarou::iconmijiko88::iconstorm1822::iconchibifiedkitsunes::iconzuzumoo::iconrayfy::iconsilverharmony::iconchopperplz: + Pappug, we have (almost?) the whole Sabaody Arc cast 8D!!!

Hope the weather isn't too cold this day, otherwise we're all gonna freeze *_*""

:bulletblue: Madman Nationals :bulletblue:
If you've been watching :icondreades:'s journal (which everyone should be doing 8D!), we've revealed our plans for the MNCC finals in November! Our characters are Alucard and Aeon from Castlevania: Judgment.

:iconmangalphantom: // Alucard

:icondreades: // Aeon

In doing so, we managed to reveal :iconlevel4chaos:'s and :iconwakaleo:'s plans for the finals too >8D! Just have to make the costumes and wring out a fun skit before November. Gotta get all my uni stuff done at the same time ><".
Good luck to all of the other finalists ~ !!!

:bulletyellow: Other stuff :bulletyellow:
:bulletpurple:WCS - CONGRATULATIONS TO :iconharaju2girls: IN WCS THIS YEAR!! TEAM AUSTRALIA WOOOO!!!! :dummy:
:bulletblue:Mini Animania Brisbane - i'm attending. Worth mentioning? x'D
:bulletgreen:Tiger and Bunny - Perhaps the only series currently airing i'm keeping up to date with. GO WATCH IT NOW IF YOU'RE NOT ALREADY DOING SO 8D!!
:bulletred:Props Deviations - I've received several notes about my props in the last few months, so I may start uploading deviations pertaining to the creation of and materials involved in making such items. Stuff coming soon!
Almost halfway through the uni semester, and three-quarters of the way through the year already! Had a rollercoaster year so far, stuck in the dip of the ride at the moment, so i've been channelling nothing but costume calamities, musical magic and creative home cooking in the past few weeks, haha ^^". Life spirit shall hopefully return soon!!

For those of you going to Main next weekend, come around and say hi/throw glitter at me if you see me around, it'd be great to catch up with/meet Sydneyans!
Otherwise, see you around in the next journal update!

- Jeremy

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It's pretty Turkish.

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 4, 2011, 8:05 PM

Thought I should finally get around to updating my journal about everything that's been happening, i'm quite bad at keeping things current OTL". Anyway, it's been a very eventful few months, meeting new people, having a blast doing things I love, experiencing some tough times, and discovering more about myself and the people around me in living through everything. But that's life. Talk to people, give things a shot, and life becomes a whole lot more interesting, and a heck of a lot more fun xD.
:bulletgreen: SMASH :bulletgreen:
Everyone else has done a journal on this already, i'm slow to the punch again ^^". Ate croissants, ate japanese cuisine, ate bagels, ate salmon, ate pie face, ate a bag of fries, ate...well, food xD. Some pictures of the weekend:

Baguette!Takuto (kept eating the damn baguette through the day, got shorter and shorter >>"):

Hedwig and Harry 8D!:

Ranma 1/2 group <3:

We asked them to grab us some fries. We got this O_O:

:bulletred: Manifest MAHMUTFEST :bulletred:
Also heading down for Manifest in a few weeks time with Mint-ice-tea (what a bro.) 8D. Preparing for half a week of salmon goodness, awesomely fun people and all the other food Melbourne has to offer!

Weekend plans:
Friday - (either free clothes day), or paperboy!Takuto again, with ZuZuMoo as schoolgirl!Wako (need to find a salaryman!Sugata quickly O_O.).
Saturday - Shoukoku no Altair FUNNNNN 8DD. I'll be doing JERAHMUT, with cielroses as MALYMUT, K-tetsu as ZagKnos, ClamWings and 13-Zer0 joining us as characters I haven't even seen yet in the series ;;A;;.
Sunday - no idea xD.

I picked the simplest costume from the series, so there's nothing amazingly fancy involved in my costume xD. Here's some Turkish stuff, though:
Mahmut 8D:

My shoes and my pot <3:

:bulletblue: Madman Nationals :bulletblue:
We just got the good news last week after the final Madman preliminary round at AVCON, that dreades and myself are confirmed wildcards for the Madman National Finals in November :dummy:!!!
Thanks heaps to the judges for giving us the opoportunity, and everyone else who has supported us so far, we'll be doing our best!

After a few months of tentative debate, we *finally* decided on our costumes for the final round. Matt's costume looks like a bunch of fun, mine doesn't make sense again OTL". But we've written out the chunks of our skit, and we're very keen to get it recorded 8D. Just have to sign off the next three months of life to this costume now DX. Hahaha, can't wait to get started x3.

:bulletyellow: Other stuff :bulletyellow:
WCS - GOOD LUCK TO :iconharaju2girls: IN WCS THIS WEEK!! TEAM AUSTRALIA WOOOO!!!! :dummy:
Main Animania - another con to go to, more money gone OTL". Should be fun, updates next journal xD.
Cosplay plans - They just keep piling up x'DD. List on my front page updated =3.
Under my bed - I cleaned out all my crap from under my bed, what I found O_O:

I'm gonna be running out of space in a year or two >>"...
Anyway, it's the end of the second week of uni, should probably get these assignments started. And try juggle some sewing/chores/not being a hermit inbetween everything OTL". It's keeping me busy xD.

For those of you going to Manifest, come around and say hi/throw turkish bread at me if you see me around, i'd love to meet some Melbournites!
Otherwise, catch you in the next journal update 8D!

- Jeremy

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